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CPD for Supply Teachers - by Nutty!

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  • CPD for Supply Teachers - by Nutty!

    As I was writing to ButterflyChic last night, it got me thinking.

    Most people come on here worrying about 1. Behaviour management. 2. No work. 3. What to do when there are no plans left.

    So I decided to create this thread giving you some homework to do!

    I'm going to write a (maybe more in the coming weeks) 30 second challenge for you. It should help calm your fears about what to do when there's no planning left.

    Here goes:

    You get into a classroom. No planning. No resources (the children have books and pencils though) that you could confidently use.

    You can see they're covering Ancient Greece in History.

    In 30 seconds, plan *now* what you'd do on the theme:

    Growing Up in Ancient Greece

    Go on, here's a handy stopwatch you could use too!

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    Continuing Professional Development for Supply Teachers?

    I have here: a post on CPD for supply teachers. Please take note! I wrote it way back when (2006) and having just taken a look at it, I'm pretty sure it isn't relevant any longer. I'm in the process of re-writing the main site, and I have found a of other agencies offering CPD, but what does your offer? Do you find it difficult to keep up-to-date with changes to teaching policy? Do you want more training for supply teachers on behaviour management? Take a moment to tell: not just me, but all the agencies and organisations reading this!!


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      Another quick exercise for you to have a go at!

      It's aimed at people who are just starting out doing supply teaching, or looking into it.

      Take out the phone book. Find the number of a school that you haven't worked at / contacted yet.

      Give them a ring.

      Introduce yourself, and ask whether they'd be interested in receiving your CV by post with a view to maybe doing supply work in the future?

      It'll take, what? Three minutes? And it could win you work!! You don't have to have your CV ready right now. If they say yes, then you can panic and get it sorted!

      Top tip: Don't post / email it! Go! You'll discover how long it takes you to get there, how to get there, how to get in the building, and the school will discover just how lovely you are when you hand it in at reception! Smile!


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        teacher interview questions answers

        What do you consider to be the physical appearance of an l classroom?


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          New CPD Course material for supply teachers will soon be available here:


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            One advantage of sites such as this is that Supply Teachers can share examples of good practice (or is that practise?). Whilst this might not be recognised as formal CPD but can, I believe, contribute to useful informal training.

            In my travels (in secondary teaching but this might also apply in the primary sector) I have noticed that many schools are keen on "peer assessment" as part of AFL. The problem how can you demonstrate peer assessment is going on.

            One school used the approach of getting the kids to mark using a specific ink different to that used by the teacher, green or red is likely to be the obvious choice. Whilst another got the students to sign and date their marking and label it "peer assessed" . Use of appropiate stickers might be another tactic.

            Anyone observing a lesson or doing a book check can now see that peer assessment as part of AFL is going on and tick that box.

            Does anyone else have examples of good practice (or even bad practice to avoid)they can share?


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              Pencil! Peer assessment in one school I was in was done in pencil by the children. Easily altered by the teacher.... Did I say that?!?!

              I'm currently putting together a CPD Course for supply teachers, and it won't be recognised as formal, but as you say, peer assessment is invaluable.. I will be providing feedback at the end of each module, as well as there being a self-assessment sheet.