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  • Extreme Case

    Hi Everyone

    I am a supply teacher from Canada. I had a few long term jobs but haven't been supplying much.

    Yesterday I encountered an extreme case. I came to a gr 6 class, and it didn't go well right away, as kids simply ignored me and wouldn't stop talking through my intro, through reading the announcements (The school has each students reading the announcements instead of hearing them through intercom) They were extremely loud while doing their work. I began writing minutes on the board (detention) and went up to 25. They still wouldn't be quiet. Then, they had to line up for the assembly. I said that we are not going anywhere until they stop talking. It took about 15 minutes for them to become slightly quiet. They refused to do work, refused to listen to instructions and just kept ignoring me as if there was no teacher there. I read some of the tips in other threads, but how can I even begin a day if they are ignoring me as if I am not even present. When I asked a girl to go to the office, she refused. Some started making fun of me. I don't take anything personally and I tried using a few strategies to make them a bit more respectful including the conversation about how I will never see them again and only they will be hurt when their teacher comes back, but nothing works. I try not to yell, and I know, either if I yell or not yell they still ignore.

    Are there some strategies for extreme cases like this that would make them respect a supply? A librarian came by said a few words to them and they went completely silent until she left. She didn't even have to scream. Is there any way for a supply teacher to gain that much respect instantly?


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    Hugs! That sounds a bit like my first day, except I was sworn at in three different ways by the same boy too!

    The second time I took that class (yes, I went back!) I had a much easier day, because the Head had spoken to them, as well as their own class teacher. The Head had also spoken to me, to let me know that this class was the toughest they'd ever had. I'd also had experience of other classes in the school, and in other schools by then, so I knew it wasn't me!!

    I still had a tough time the second day, and I never enjoyed that class completely, but I did learn how to go in hard and fast! Kept them on their toes, kept them busy, and kept the lessons fast-paced and meaningful to them, and they stayed with me...


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      Aww dont have any tips as such, but yeah sounds like you need some support from headship.

      Well done for sticking it out and enduring the day! Have you read the tip about raffle tickets for good behaviour end of day/week raffle gets pulled. This works for me in year 3/4 to be honest I avoid year 6 for this reason! So your better than me.