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    I currently do supply in a Year 1/2 class every Thursday and have done since the beginning of October.
    This is a very difficult class there are two children with a 1:1 TA, one who is for behaviour difficulties.

    For the past 4 weeks I have been having problems with 2 of the children - one of these is also having issues when the class teacher is there so I know that this is not just me and he is okay most of the time.

    But this other child has become very difficult when he has to do certain activities and it seems to be mainly when I am in - when we are doing RE or PSHE he refuses to do work and sits there sulking. Either under a table or in the middle of the carpet. Nothing seems to motivate him to do work - not using the class sanctions nor telling him he will have to do the work in his playtime. I believe he enjoys getting 1:1 attention as when he plays up he gets to sit with one of the TAs and they will help him do his work.

    But when we get to doing problem solving which is the other session I plan for the class he is very good at this and really enjoys it so he sits and tries really hard.

    I just dont know what else to try - we do continuous praise when he is making good choices, I have done stickers for keeping up these choices.

    He is blatently pushing boundries and I have used all the class sanctions but nothing seems to work. Now I know tone of voice is probably something I am really going to work on but does anyone have any other suggestions? Any good rewards or sanctions that might work?

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    Have you left him alone? Either under a table or in the middle of the carpet, for any length of time? If he sees that it's not working, he's not getting the attention, the other kids, and you and the TAs aren't 'bothered' that he's under a table, and are just happily getting on with the work, he may just siddle up and join in eventually? It may be that this takes a of Thursdays of him doing the work at another time, as he's missed that session, so you'd have to talk to the class teacher about it beforehand to make sure that this would be ok.

    I think I'd be a bit like that about RE and PSHE these days to be honest! ;o)