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Year 1 class help needed

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  • Year 1 class help needed

    Hi guys, i'm new to this but could definately do with your help and s!!

    i'm studying primary ed at the moment and have just been observing the year 1 class i'm teaching for 6 weeks after easter and i'm a bit worried about how i'm going to manage them.

    the way i see it, there are 10 children that will get on with their work with only a bit of chatter, 10 that take a bit of effort to settle, 10 children who are easily distracted and 2 children who have no regard for authority, quite like staying in over lunch and find it funny to sit with the head teacher.

    during lessons i watched children start fights whilst sat on the carpet, constant refusals from at least 4 children to even sit on the carpet, drawing in the interactive whiteboard behind the teachers back, throwing pencils, books, ripping up each others work, leaving the classroom, stealing snacks, playing in the play area at all times of the day, pulling books from the shelves, hiding under tables and ing in the face of teachers.

    this school is currently reviewing the new behaviour policy, however i've had a look at it, and i can understand how it could be effective for older pupils (was written up by the current year 4 teacher) but feel as though it will have little effect on this class.
    I don't really want to make my own policy or chart up in the class because i'm teaching alongside the normal class teacher (i'm taking 70% of lessons per week) so don't want to step on any toes but the observations i carried out were of a girl similar to me on her placement and she is still there having a hell of a time bless her

    sorry about the rant but any suggestions would be really welcome!!!

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    Just a quick as I'm just about to put my son to bed... search 'whole brain teaching' or 'power teaching' on youtube, you want Chris Biffle stuff (think!) and have a good look... some of it Year 1s would lap up!


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      Blimey, teacher2b, they sound like a fun class!

      Is the teacher aware of the problems or is she just oblivious to bad behaviour?!?!

      Is there TA support in the class? Could he/she be positioned usefully during carpet sessions?

      I think that I would try positive reinforcement.
      Try to look for the positive in every child and congratulate him/her every time they do something good.
      Reward the children who behave well with a special treat (extended playtime, lunch with the Head, computer time) so the 'less well-behaved' children see that there is a point to keeping on-task.
      This seems to work better than just punishing them all the time (often they just like the attention, negative or positive)

      Good luck!


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        I know Jane, they are a BALL of fun haha, I'm trying positive reinforcement but I need a proper word with someone about the house system - most of the children don't even know what house they are in, and they only hear the results of their efforts once or twice a year!
        I don't want to step on any toes so I may introduce something within the class like you suggest with extra playtime and things.

        Thanks for the tip Nutty, that Chris Biffle really is a lot of fun! I'm finding out as much as I can about him. you're right, most of the kids would love it, especially "class?" "yes??"