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HLTA's are taking over!

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  • HLTA's are taking over!

    Several schools I have worked in have drastically cut the amount of supply teachers they have, as they now use HLTAs and CSs to cover absence...why did I bother to train to be a teacher for 4 years, when I could have continued being a TA and done the same job without the stress?

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    It's scandalous isn't it?

    A very good friend of mine, who was my TA at one point, has struggled through an OU degree (and they take years!) as a single mum, whilst working as a TA full-time and child-minder part-time to pay their way, only to be offered her old job back at the end of it! Nothing else is forthcoming... no recognition for her qualifications in her old school, and hardly any supply work elsewhere...


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      HLTA's are taking over!

      I completed my PGCE in July 2005 and have little hope of completing an induction year where I currently live. I gave up full-time work and took on a student loan to train as a teacher. Why are the unions/government allowing this? In fact, schools are doing nothing wrong by allowing it and it saves them money so they'll continue to do it. The unions should be up in arms. Why are parents not complaining about their children being taught by people who are not qualified teachers?


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        I agree with everything said. In my school there is 1 HLTA and she takes classes every afternoon to cover PPA and my NQT time and she also teaches in the mornings if there is any staff sickness. She isn't qualified to teach on her own and in her defence is very sick of being used at this point. She is treated as a supply teacher yet still receiving a TA wage. In addition to this, her covering PPA means that the teachers still need to plan for it and mark any work completed which basically takes up most of the PPA time anyway, its ridiculous. I feel very sorry for both supplies (as I'm now lucky enough to be permanent) and for HLTA's as they get a rough deal. I agree the government should be doing more, I think they should be cutting all teaching degree places until there is more work available. We are highly unlikely to be in a shortage situation for a while yet. I also think the government should be allowing extra time to get induction years started due to the difficulty of getting work. Ooooh if i ran the world


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          I guess one reason why the unions aren't up in arms is as most of them allow TAs/CSs/HLTAs to become members now = more subscription money!

          I think the Gvt are doing it on purpose... when supply exceeds demand, then the quality of supply should increase... yet they're shooting themselves in the foot with that one...

          HLTAs in my schools get PPA - I don't, probably as I'm on contract for 4.5 days, not 5 days! I work in different classes and with different groups all the time, and no-one has thought to give me PPA time... though the HLTAs all get it...

          Why aren't parents up in arms? No, that one really beats me!

          And welcome to the forum rugrat!


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            I work as an HLTA for four days a week, prepare, plan and deliver all my lessons which include RE, Music, ICT, SEAL as well as Literacy and Numeracy, oh and mark any work. I also write reports!
            Thankfully I get paid at HLTA rate so this is not an issue.

            I have to work at the same standards as the rest of the teaching staff and am accountable for raising achievement too. I work across both KS 1 and 2 as well.

            I do feel for teachers that have to work as supply due and are not getting the work, however I do not feel it is the schools fault. The finger should be firmly pointed at the Government for its increasing pressure on schools to deliver but do not increase their budgets.

            To date the parents have been really happy with my input and the school has not received any complaints or queries as to my competance or qualifications. In fact hand on heart I can say that I have more knowlegde and experience than some of the NQT's that are coming through at present.


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              I have been teaching on supply for the past 8 years and over the past 18 months, I have noticed that demand for my services has definitely dropped off....TA's have been given the work that I was usually called in to do. Most unsatisfactory for everyone concerned!!


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                I worked as an HLTA for 1.5 terms after qualifying as a teacher. I got paid less than I did as a TA and had to do all my own planning, marking and covering for absent teachers. Ripped off or what!


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                  I was at a school a few weeks ago when the class teacher asked the TA to do the PE lesson (it was all done very slighly) if you know what I mean. Her comment was that he was going off to Uni next year/or this? To do a PGCE-fine I thought but when he kept trying to undermine me throughout the morning by trying to take over the class because he knew the chn I got a bit fed up. It resulted in me taking an instant dislike to him and the only good thing to come out of it was when I was in a similar positon a few days later (different class) and thankfully a different TA (although also intending to do his teaching course) he was completley different-phew The difference was that he knew I was there to teach!

                  I can understand them both wanting to do their courses but I have to say I warmed to the 2nd guy rather than the first. As the saying goes: give them and inch and they'll take a mile syndrome. I totally respect TA's and the wonderful role that they play but I have to admit to coming across the good and the bad whilst on supply and I do wonder whether it is partly to do with the schools and the amount of freedom that they give them.


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                    I think children are missing out on valuable, quality teaching time when they are taught by TAs and HLTAs. Yes, TAs are great but there is a reason why us teacher's have studied for 1-4 years to learn how to plan, teach, question pupils and ensure progression etc. I am about to become a parent and I would only wish my child to be taught by a qualified teacher and not a TA/HLTA. There are certain subtleties to teaching that I have observed missing when TAs take the class. Sorry, rant over! In one school I was working at, one of the classes was being taught by the HLTA as much as 3 days per week due to other commitments of the class teacher! No wonder the class did not make satisfactory progress that year....


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                      It's a scary thought isn't it?! I knew an HLTA who did maternity covers! And yes, I've also seen classes being taught by HLTAs up to 3 days a week... What makes it worse I think too is the fact that the kids don't know that they're not teachers, and therefore few parents know what's really happening!!


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                        Originally posted by zigsgirl View Post
                        I have been teaching on supply for the past 8 years and over the past 18 months, I have noticed that demand for my services has definitely dropped off....TA's have been given the work that I was usually called in to do. Most unsatisfactory for everyone concerned!!
                        You're right about work falling off, that's been my experience too. But I can't say it's definately going to TAs, all I can say is it's not going to me! And a friend told me today he knows another supply teacher living in my town, & he says she's suffering the same experience.

                        It seems to me that suply teaching is becoming one of those jobs that no longer pays a living wage. So maybe soon it'll only be done by s where one partner has a better paying job, or by semi-retired people who also have a pension to live off.


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                          Oh dear it seems we hltas are causing a lot of hassle ! I am a TA who has the hlta status and i work in a very small village school.This means that as my school has a very small budget they cannot pay me hlta rate ! However like hundreds of other TAs with the status,we are continually being used to teach classes,(yes i did say teach,which includes doing all our own planning ) I am NOT entitled to any PPA time so have to plan at weekends unpaid.I work in school for 8.50 per hr which is a total rip off !I have been a TA in the same school for 12 years and the reason teachers ask TAs to cover is really because we DO actually know all the pupils and their behaviour patterns.The times we have had supply teachers in have ended up as a free for all with children sitting where ever they like and unacceptable behaviour totally ignored.I have felt totally useless during the lessons with SOME supply staff who have ignored all lesson plans in favour of `playing games `. Please dont blame us hltas who are only doing our jobs.We dont work for the government and its not our fault that budgets have been slashed giving schools no choice but to use a cheaper option !!
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                            Hi Scruffy,

                            Just to say, yes, I've known some supply workers (can't call them teachers!) let lessons become like that, and I've known TAs/HLTAs let lessons become like that too! Then I've known fabulous TAs/HLTAs that I would trust with my classes, and supply teachers the same. I've been a TA / SNA myself, and think it's disgusting that XX years ago I was earning more money than you are today...